Best Automotive event? "It has to be Crescent Classic, the roads were incredible; a mixture of the old Spa and Le Mans rolled into a journey of motoring excellence."

Alain de Cadenet
Le Mans winner -        Victory by Design

Classic and Sports Car Magazine

"One of the best rallies I have been on, very well done, relaxed and I made a lot of new friends, I hope i get invited back"

Our best story teller!

Brian Redman

Professional Race Car Driver and one of our favorite guest drivers!

"In my career as a professional driver, Crescent Classic has to be the best executed road rally on the most incredible roads I have ever driven" 

Derek Bell
5 time Le Mans winner 
2 time World Sports Car Champion

Ferrari Formula One Driver

In Memory of our friend Tom Hnatiw

Motorsports announcer and commentator Tom Hnatiw was our guest driver in 2009, now he is being remembered for his absolute dedication to, and passion for the automotive and racing community. Hnatiw passed away July 30, 2012 at the age of 53.

In his 30-year career, Hnatiw produced or was involved in over 500 TV shows including the well-known Hard Drive, Sports Car Revolution and Dream Car Garage. Dream Car Garage did two TV specials on Crescent Classic with our close friend Peter Klutt of Legendary Motors.

 Tom was my friend, and a friend to everyone that met him at Crescent Classic, Tom attended Crescent Classic multiple times, he will truly be missed.

Justin Bell not only had a great time, he is one of the best drivers in the world and perhaps one of the funniest.  We look forward to having him back!

Justin Bell            

2 time Le Mans   winner

Velocity Channel 

Our Formula One and Lemans Guest Drivers:

 Derek Bell 2010                    Alain deCadenet  2011        Justin Bell 2012              Brian Redman 2013

Crescent Classic is proud to announce that Ferrari of Houston is returning as our partner for 2017!

I am fortunate to have a long standing relationship with Ferrari of Houston and Tony Nevotti for over 20 years, we could not have a better partner than Ferrari of Houston! 2016 was a great year in Hermann, but 2017 is going to be an incredible year!

Hermann, Missouri is located in the middle of wine country in the beautiful hills along side the Missouri River.

 Join us in Hermann, Missouri on September 6 - 10, 2017. The best things in life start with great friends, great cars and great roads, and this year the roads and driving are what makes Crescent Classic the best driving event in North America. 

Founded in 2004, Crescent Classic is not a competitive rally; rather it is an opportunity to be challenged by incredible roads, experiencing the driving excitement of the best sports cars in the world with friends that share the passion for the road. 

Crescent Classic has been featured in Cavallino Magazine, FORZA magazine, Ferrari Market Letter, and, the largest Ferrari site in the world.

The praise has been unanimous; Crescent Classic is the ultimate Ferrari driving event in North America!

Christopher Parr
Managing Director
Crescent Classic 2017